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What's new in the latest version of EntsWeb

EntsWeb is under constant rolling development and improvement so let us know if there is anything you would like to see added or changed.

We will use this page to announce any changes as we continue to fine tune the website. 

September 2016

  • Stats on impressions and click through rates for listings added to Members Area
  • YouTube link bug fixed
  • Improvements to Jobs & Auditions administration and other website admin tasks  

November 2015

  • Bug fixed that caused premature logout from the members area.
  • Emailed renewal reminders bug fixed.
  • Session handling improved. 

August 2015

  • Jobs & Auditions home page, now shows all new jobs (from all categories) added in the past week
  • Social sharing of job ads is improved
  • Auto-archiving of job ads older than ten weeks
  • Auto deletion of job ads older than a year
  • To keep job ads relevant the number of categories for a new job ad is limited to three
  • Renewing a Listing made easier with more visible notifications and links
  •  Preview button added to Profile page set-up in member's area
  • 'Location Served' and 'Based in' data has been included in search for better results
  • Switching between profiles on multi-profile accounts has been made easier
  • Layout improvements
  • New image/photo editing ap integrated into site
  •  SEO - improvements for META tags
  • When a Listing is upgraded it will be automatically announced on the EntsWeb home page
  • Improvements to CMS and site admin features
  • Better controls for dead links

May 2015

  • 'Area Served' now displayed on Profile Pages
  • Offline payment option added
  • New Sub-categories added
  • CMS improvements and additions 

March 2015

  • Improvements made to video player

August 2014

We are now into the fourth major rebuild of EntsWeb

The new version of EntsWeb sees a mass of changes some of which are quite small and other very big. The database has been normalised and optimised for speed and the site has been moved to a cluster of servers for added reliability and a further speed increase. Everything has been re-coded from top to bottom.

Here is an overview of what's new:

  • Fully adaptive display to work on all screen sizes from phone to desktop
  • The number of entry types has been reduced from 5 to 3 to simplify things
  • Free listings have been beefed up and now include audio and video as standard
  • You can instantly upgrade your listings from your control area
  • Gold Listings have doubled in size
  • Gold & Silver listings have a massively increased multimedia allowance
    • 100 Photos across 10 Albums
    • 10 videos
    • 10 MP3 audio files giving a total of up to 50 minutes of sound
  • Larger images in the listings
  • Vimeo video is now supported along with YouTube
  • A new Key Facts table gives vital info at a glance
  • Shortlists let visitors click on a listing and store it for later
  • Photo and audio uploads have been greatly simplified – no more faffing around
  • One central profile so you don't have to set up duplicate profile pages for every listing
  • New and improved layout for the profile page with tabbed and expanding panels
  • Separate panel for up to ten customer reviews
  • New payment system which automatically handles renewals and upgrades
  • New options for online payment. (PayPal is still available)
  • Your transaction history is always available to you in the Members Area
  • Invoices and receipts can be downloaded and printed at any time.
  • Secure EV SSL enables encrypted and safe data transfer for the whole of the website
  • Home page slides have increased in size
  • New skyscraper banners available
  • No more Google ads
  • Super-user account to allow the management of multiple profiles from one account
  • Each profile page can be linked to from multiple listings
  • Option of easy URL for your profile such as yourname.entsweb.co.uk
  • An improved jobs and auditions area
  • Job advertisers can now delete old ads as well as amend published ads
  • The number of categories for Jobs & Auditions has been extended
  • Tightening up of requirements for job advertisers
  • Google friendly links

Features kept from the old site

  • Gold listings rotate on a daily basis so each listing gets equal time at the top of the page
  • Silver listings also do a daily rotation giving each equal exposure
  • Members can opt to receive email notification when suitable jobs are advertised
  • Your social media links are added as icons from the Members Area