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Listings FAQs



What types of Listing are available?

There are three kinds of listing available. They are A1 Gold, A2 Silver and A3 Bronze. The prime Gold listings are limited to just ten per sub-category page. They are twice the size of the standard Silver listing. Bronze offers an entry level free listing but still includes audio and video. For full details see  Directory Listings


What is the difference between Gold, Silver and Bronze?

Gold, Silver and Bronze are different physical sizes and appear in different places in the listings and search results. For full details see  Directory Listings


Can a listing be placed under any sub-category?

Yes but the proviso is that the chosen sub-category must be relevant. For instance we would not allow a clown to be listed on the Marquee Hire page. However clowns can be listed under Clowns, Circus Entertainers, Children's Entertainers, Meet & Greet, etc. This rule can be sidestepped by taking a banner ad. Banners are not so rigorously controlled but they must still be relevant to an EntsWeb audience.


How do I add a listing to Entsweb?

If you have not yet registered, the process is
Register > Setup Account > Setup your Profile page > Add listings
For more help see  Adding your first listing to EntsWeb


How long will a listing stay in the directory?

Listings run for 12 months after which they can be renewed for a further year and so on.


Why is my Listing not showing?

If you have entered all the information for your Listing but it is not showing up in search results or in lists, it may be that you have not yet made it active. You have the ability to switch your Listing on or off.

To check this make sure you are logged into the members area:

  1. Click Listings in the left column
  2. Scroll to the listing you want to edit and click the 'Edit Listing' button.
  3. At the bottom of the page you will see 'Status' . Make sure 'On' is selected.
  4. Click on the 'Save All Changes' button.


How do I renew a listing?

You can renew your listing at anytime and a year will be added to the days still left to run.

  1. From the Members Area select 'Directory Listings'
  2. You should see all your current listings if not, check the 'Current Listings' tab is selected.
  3. Scroll to the listing you want to renew and click on the ' Renew ' button
  4. Make payment