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How to find what you need on EntsWeb

How to search and find the information you need on EntsWeb

All the information on EntsWeb is held in a Directory structure. Organising the data in this way gives you two ways of finding what you are looking for. The two methods are 'Search by keyword' and 'Search by category' (or Drill Down).

The two search boxes can be found at the top of the home page and on most of the other pages on EntsWeb - including this one.

Each method of searching has its own advantages and which of the two methods you should use depends on what you are looking for. Either way will work but better accuracy is obtained if you match the search method to the type of info you are seeking.

Search by keyword...

The 'Search by keyword' feature offers a search mechanism similar to the major search engines. It allows you to find specific things such as a service, company or act by name or by specific keywords.  Entering a keyword or keyword phrases into the search box returns a list of links to pages where the chosen keyword(s) have been used.

Search by category...

This is where you drill down to what you want.  Let's say you are looking for 'Professional Dancers'. With 'Search by category' you first select the main category of 'Dance & Dancers' then choose the subcategory of 'Professional Dancers & Showgirls'. This returns a list of dancers that have actively chosen this sub-category to be listed under. This is in contrast to 'Search by keyword' which would return a list of all pages where the words 'professional' and 'dancers' are used.