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Switching Between Profiles

If you have a multi-profile account you will need to to switch between your profiles to set-up individual profile pages and their associated Listings. A listing cannot be viewed and edited, in the Members Area, unless you have selected the correct Profile. 

To do this:

Log-in and select 'Your Profile Page' from the menu on left
You should then see a list of the profiles you have set up. Select the one you want to work on by clicking the name or the orange icon the right of the name. (NB. Do not click the check box as this switches the profile off)

If you do not see the list of profiles it means you are already logged into one of them. Scroll to the top of the page where you will see the word PROFILE. Directly underneath is the name of the profile you are working on and to the right is a circle with an X in it. Just click on the X and this will take you back to the list of profiles.