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A more in-depth look

There are three elements to your Entsweb membership. Your Account, your Profile and your Listings.

When you join the EntsWeb community you first need to register and set-up your account. Once your account is up and running, you can decide on what information you want to share with the public on your Profile Page. Finally you choose the categories you would like your Listings to appear under.

Your Profile Page is the heart of your presence on EntsWeb. It presents to visitors, a very clear and complete picture of what you offer and can be thought of as your mini-website. Your Profile can contain up to 100 photos in 10 photo albums, 10 videos, 10 MP3 audio tracks, reviews and recommendations, a key-facts table, a Google safe outbound link to your website, informative 'About' text, buttons linking to your social media accounts, social media share links, a location map, full contact info, an enquiry form, your logo and a preamble. You have complete control of what is displayed.

After setting up your Profile page you can decide which categories you would like to be listed under. The Listing is a block of framed text that appears in lists found under various categories such as 'Covers Bands' or 'Marquee Hire'. Your Listing also appears in the search results. Without a Listing your Profile Page cannot be navigated to by visitors. There is a choice of Listing formats from Bronze up to Gold each giving you progressively better positioning and bigger display area. The Gold and Silver Listings also feature an image or photo. With each Profile comes a complimentary Bronze Listing.

These are the three blocks of information and how to set them up:

  1. Your Account (Private)
  2. Your Profile (Public)
  3. Your Listings (Public)

Your Account

Your Account carries the information needed to allow us to work together. Your Account details are not shared with anyone else or published. The information you enter here is just for our accounting purposes. Please note, on new accounts, to save repetitive typing, the contact info you enter here is copied to your Profile Page as in most cases it is the same. When you set up your public Profile Page you can decide whether to display, change or delete this info. This can be done without affecting your account details.  

To edit Your Account make sure you are logged into the members area:

  1. Click on 'Your Account'
  2. Fill out the form and click 'Save All Changes'

From the 'Your Account' section you can also change your password or request additional services such as  a free Jobs & Auditions' account.

***Now set up your Profile Page which acts as your on-line multimedia brochure***

Your Profile

The info you add to your Profile is used to build an interactive multimedia brochure for business or act. 

It is your core information page where you motivate visitors and convince them you have what they need.  All your listings, throughout the directory, will point back to this page which you can think of it as your interactive glossy brochure or a mini-website. It is well worth spending a little to give this multi-faceted page some professionally polished content.

Here's how:

First login and click on 'Profile' in the left column.

The profile has six separate sections which can be reached by clicking in the corresponding tabs at the top of the page. Below I'll briefly run through the type of information you need to add to each section:

  1. Details
  2. Key Facts
  3. Photos
  4. Videos
  5. Audio
  6. Reviews

  • Details
      1. Page Title: usually your trading, band or stage name
      2. Introduction Text: This should be a short attention grabbing description of up to 170 characters
      3. Location: This is where you operate from or where your head office is based. Later you can add all the areas you serve.
      4. Logo Image: Upload your logo a photo or other image. This will appear in the top section of your page
      5. About Text: A more comprehensive description of the goods or services you offer. Explain the benefits a client gets and describe what makes you unique. For help with writing good promotional copy see here.
      NB. To save you time, a lot of this is prefilled from you account details. You can overwrite it with fresh details such as a different address or a public email. You can also choose which items to show or hide by clicking the checkbox to select or deselect visibility. If the checkbox is orange with a white tick the data next to it will be shown on your page.
      1. Show Enquiry Form: Use this option to add an enquiry form to your page. It's a good thing to have especially if you choose not to hide your email address.
      2. Location Map: If you click the ADD MAP button a map is added to your page. If you don't want a map of your location to be displayed, make sure there are no numbers in the Latitude and Longitude field.
      Click on the ADD SOCIAL NETWORK button to start adding your social network accounts. Use the drop-down to select the network and add just your Username or ID not the full URL. Click the add button again to add more networks.
    4. Click on 'Save All Changes' then proceed to the Key Facts tab

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  • Key Facts - An 'at a glance' table of facts of tremendous help to visitors and well worth setting up
      Select whether or not you offer Nationwide coverage. If NO is selected, you can choose the region(s) that you cover.
      This is a list of facts. Each can be toggled on or off by clicking the relevant check box. Choose the ones relevant to you. For instance if you always require two 13 amp sockets, click the 'Power Required' check box and enter 2 x 13a Sockets or if you have public liability insurance, click Public Liability Insurance and enter Yes. If there is a Key Fact option you would like adding please let us know.
    3. Click on 'Save All Changes' then proceed to the Photos tab
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  • Photos
    1. Just click on "Upload Item" select the photo and upload it. Give it a title and it's done.
      Initially you will be limited to one photo but if you later choose a prime listing (Gold or Silver) you can start adding photo albums, each contain up to 10 photos.
    2. Proceed to the Videos tab
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  • Videos
    1. You can embed YouTube and Vimeo videos. Click 'Add Video'. Give it a title and enter the video URL.  The URL can be found by opening your video in VImeo or YouTube and clicking the share button. NB You are initially limited to one video but is you take a a prime listing (Gold or Silver) the number of videos increases to ten.
    2. Click Save Changes and proceed to the Audio tab
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  • Audio
    1. Click the Add Audio button, enter a track title, click on 'Upload Item' to select and upload your MP3 file. Just one MP3 for free accounts and up to ten for Silver and Gold accounts. NB Only MP3 files can be used with a maximum duration of 5 minutes. No other format is supported.
    2. Click Save Changes and proceed to the Reviews tab
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  • Reviews
    1. Click 'Add Review' enter the review and optionally (also preferably) add the reviewers name and location. Just one review for free accounts and up to ten for other listings.
    2. Click 'Save Changes'
  • You can now start adding listings to the categories of your choice.

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    *** Now list your Profile under a suitable category ***

    Your Listings

    All your listing can be independently edited. This means each can have its own photo and its own call to action text. (NB the free Bronze listing has no thumbnail)

    Create a Listing

    To start adding listings: from the Members Area click on 'Directory Listings' in the left column.


    1. Click on Add Listing
    2. Choose the Category and Sub-categories for your listing then click the "Select Category" button
    3. Select Bronze.
    4. You are shown a representation of how your listing will look. Click the 'Edit Listing' button to add in the Entry Title and the Entry Description. When you are happy with the entry, change 'Status' to On and click the Save All Changes button. Your listing is now live.


    1. Click on Add Listing
    2. Choose the Category and Sub-categories for your listing then click the "Select Category" button
    3. Select Silver or Gold. Full descriptions of are show.
    4. A popup will give you the option to
      1. 'Review & Pay' this takes you to the payment area where you can pay using a debit card, credit card or PayPal. You can cancel by clicking the X button.
    5. You are shown a representation of how your listing will look. Click the 'Edit Listing' button to add in the Entry Title and the Entry Description and upload a photo or image file. When you are happy with the entry, change 'Status' to On and click the Save All Changes button. Your listing is now live.

    Editing Your Listing

    To edit a listing make sure you are logged into the members area (if you have a Multi-Profile account make sure you are working on the right profile):

    1. Click 'Directory Listings'
    2. Scroll to the listing you want to edit and click the 'Edit Listing' button.
    3. Make your changes then click on the 'Save All Changes' button.

    See Listings FAQ's here