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A page for each act or service

A free unlimited number of profile pages allowing you to set up a page for each act, band and service you represent or supply

This is a feature we have been asked for on many occasions but due to the old database structure, it was something we could not provide until now. With the database rebuild and better normalisation we are now in a position to offer multiple profiles on one account with multiple, individually crafted listings tied to each profile. 

With this new tool, an agent or manager is able to create a separate profile page for each act they represent or each service they offer.  They can then choose categories from which to link back to those profile pages.

This flowchart will give you a better idea:

This feature has to be switched on before it can be used. To request it's activation:

  1. Login into the Members Area and select 'Your Account'
  2. Scroll down to 'MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONS' and select 'I want to create multiple profiles and listings'
  3. Click 'Save All Changes'

We will need to review your request before activating this functionality and will notify you by email when it is done. 

NB  Multiple Profile accounts are free when you have a Gold or Silver listing for your main entry. You then qualify for unlimited free profiles. Each profile page comes complete with video, audio, photos and a free Bronze listing.  The option of Gold & Silver listings for each profile, gives you further scope for building a truly effective and flexible on-line presence with exceptional potential for capturing new clients.