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The Basics

Getting your name in front of the thousands of visitors to EntsWeb is a three step process

  1. Register & Add Your Account
    If you have not already done so, you must first  Register and set up your free account with us. The information you add to ' Your Account' is kept private and is not shared nor published in any way.
    The info is isolated from your public Profile Page which you set up next.

  2. Add Your Public Profile 
    Next, set up your free Profile Page. This is your pubic facing page where you share audio, video, photos, information, links, contact details, social media and more with EntsWeb visitors, potential clients and customers. 

    Do this: When you are logged in to the members area, from the left-hand menu select 'Your Profile Page' then start adding information.  You have complete control over what is displayed with a series of check boxes allowing you to switch items on or off.   ...More help with Profiles

    You now need to let people know about your page and you do this with a Listing.

  3. Add one or more Listings
    Finally, drive people to your Profile Page by adding a Listing that will appear in search results and in directory lists. Your listing can be the free Bronze option or the bigger and better placed Silver or Gold Listings.
    Do this: From the left-hand menu select 'Directory Listings'  then follow the on-screen prompts to place a Listing under the category most relevant to you. A free Bronze listing is included. For extra impact, add as many Gold & Silver listings as you like under any category relevant to your business or act. ...More help with Listings

Take a more detailed look at the whole process