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General FAQs

General Questions

General Questions

How do I become an EntsWeb Member?

Just Register with a password and email address. You can then choose which EntsWeb features you would like to use.


How do I update my info?

To update your account, profile or listings see  An in-depth look

Why do I keep getting the message "Please add your business details" ?

You've tried to update either your Listing or your Profile but you just get a blue text box with the title ‘Please add your business details’ and an ‘ADD YOUR DETAILS’ link.

There are a couple of reasons why this might occur. If it’s the first time you've logged into EntsWeb, the system may require you to check and confirm your account details are correct. Alternatively there may be some information missing from your account.

  1. Either click the 'ADD YOUR DETAILS’ link or select 'Your Account' from the menu on the left. 
  2. Check Your Account' details are all present and correct 
  3. Lastly, whether or not you make any changes, click ‘SAVE ALL CHANGES’. This confirms your account details are correct and allows you to edit your Profile and your Listing.

NB Your Account details are private and are neither published nor shared with anyone else. Only info you add to your Profile and Listing(s) is published and you are in full control of everything. 

What free services do you offer?

We offer a mass of free stuff, free jobs and auditions advertising, free profiles with audio, video and photo upload, free Bronze listing, free in-depth Master Class articles, free browsing and short listing and free job notifications. Plus we have given financial backing to festivals, theatres, trade conferences and small rural events. 


Do you have a newsletter and how do I opt in or out of receiving it?

Yes we have an infrequent newsletter that we send out when there is something to say. We think it's counterproductive  to commit to a regular newsletter then filling it with junk content and ads just to meet a regular deadline.  You can opt in or out from within your Account Detail in the Members Area. Just scroll down to EMAIL and check or uncheck the "Keep me up to date with EW news". There is also the option to register for newsletters at the foot of the home page. 


How can I contact EntsWeb?

In the first instance use the contact form found  here


What advertising options are there?

Quite a few from free listings to banners and slides. For details see  Advertise with us


How do I log in?

It's really simple. Just click on the   Login/Register link at the top right of all pages and enter your registered email and password.


> I've forgotten my password, what should I do?

Just click on the   Login/Register link at the top right of all pages then click on Forgot your password? On the page that appears, enter your registered email and click 'Send Instructions'.

Now check your email for instructions on how to reset your password.


I've forgotten my password and my email, now what?

Well that's a fine pickle!  For this you will need to  contact us. Give all the information you have about your account and we will get the problem sorted for you.


Is EntsWeb Google friendly?

The short answer is YES.

EntsWeb is a well-established directory website that appeared online before the arrival of Google. It is widely known in the industry as a quality resource that has always been highly ranked by Google.

In tandem with Google's philosophy, EntsWeb's is not designed solely for the purpose of boosting traffic flow to other websites. Even though this happens the primary purpose is to provide a place for entertainment & event businesses, musicians and dancers to showcase their goods and services. Equally important is helping visitors to find and make informed choices about everything available to them in this niche market.

The site's content is focused, filtered and highly informative to our visitors. EntsWeb is intent on not only bringing people together but also offering support and learning relative to the industry.

All of this is what Google looks for in a website.

Moreover, in line with Google guidelines, we use the appropriate rel attribute values on outbound links to avoid distortion of rank. This is something high on the Google agenda. In addition, original Master Class articles, directed at the industry, give a big boost to the quality and originality factors held dear by Google. Constant updating with fresh content ticks another of Googles boxes.

EntsWeb members have their part to play and should always fully populate their profile page with as much relevant information as they can. This includes appropriate video and audio content as well as good descriptive text, key-facts and references.


I've set-up a Profile Page. Why doesn't it show up when I do a search

It is your Listing(s) that are returned in search results not your Profile.

If you have not created a listing there is no access to your Profile page. There are three steps to getting your name in front of our visitors:

  1. First, set up your free account with us. (This info is kept private and you can edit it at any time.)
  2. Next, set up your free Profile page to share everything you want to share with potential clients and customers. 
  3. Finally, drive people to your Profile page by adding your Listings. Place a Listing under each category relevant to you. A free Bronze listing is included in your membership.