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Due to the difficulties faced by the entertainment industry due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we are offering a free silver account for 6 months.

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We hope that everyone reading this is well and keeping safe from Coronavirus.

We understand all too well the impact this is having on the entertainment and leisure industry. We haven't seen any new jobs added on the EntsWeb job page in over a week and it is a very difficult time for everyone. We know that we will get through this and life will get back to normal, hopefully in the next few months.

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 Losing Eddie Van Halen last year was a tremendous loss for many, including singer-songwriter-guitarist DAVID HAERLE. “Eddie,” his latest single out June 9, is a tribute to the man who, as DAVID puts it, “performed miracles on six strings.”

Underbelly’s London Wonderground, Earls Court 17th – 29th August

‘Gorgeously funny’ 
★★★★ The Times

Hero, The Boy Who Found His Voice, and The Mime, now screening on the Planet Classroom Youtube Channel, uncover stories of modern day Heroes.

If you’ve ever sat through a classic play and thought “what this really needs is for one of the actors to be completely inebriated” then I think I have a story you might like

After a hugely successful US Netflix launch in March of this year, ‘7 Yards: The Chris Norton Story’ is now available to stream in the UK.




​One of the best ways to get in the zone for studying is by listening to music, but what are the world’s favourite tunes to listen to whilst studying? EduBirdie has analysed hundreds of studying and homework Spotify playlists, to see which songs and artists are the most popular.

Due to the difficulties faced by the entertainment industry due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we are offering a free silver account for 6 months.

A trust that aims to support and help develop the careers of young folk performers is inviting applications for its 2020 round of funding. 

Up to four awards of up to £1,000 each will be made to emerging musicians, dancers or singers by the Alan Surtees Trust, which was established in memory of the co-founder and director of Shrewsbury Folk Festival.