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Fuse Fireworks

"making people happy with fireworks" - its what we do!!


Fuse Fireworks are a young and dynamic award winning display and special effects company.
We think outside the box.
We push ourselves creatively taking ideas further and giving our clients more because we believe that everyone should enjoy the very best fireworks possible.
Our designers have a great “ear for music” and an encyclopaedic knowledge of fireworks, which means they instantly know the right colours, effects, and calibre of firework that will compliment the display soundtrack, the event, and the site, exactly.

But cool music, imaginative designs and amazing fireworks are just part of the story.
Fuse Fireworks are blessed with a loyal and hard working crew; our senior firers have over 30 years on-site experience and in the field they are supported by diligent firers who will work tirelessly, sometimes in the most appalling weather to ensure that your fireworks are spectacular. So you can relax, knowing that your display will be delivered safely, and without a drama.

Founded in 2007 Fuse Fireworks has maintained an excellent safety record, largely due to the professional skills of its operatives developed through training and experience.
Fuse Fireworks complies with all the current legislation.
• Transportation by ADR licensed drivers
• On site Health & Safety policy
• Appointed DGSA to provide advice on the safe transport and handling of firework explosives, ensuring we are aware of and comply with national and international regulations.

Fuse Fireworks have been full members of the British Pyrotechnists Association since 2010 http://www.pyro.org.uk/?page_id=223

From a large multi-media production to small intimate celebrations, Fuse Fireworks has the creativity to entertain and thrill an audience of any size. We have fired displays from piers and barges on the water, to the roof tops of stately buildings and castles, from green field sites to an island, stadiums and city centres.

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    Zoe Marshall

    Tel: 0845 388 3873
    Mobile: 0793 800 1511
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