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Fire Performers

Cakes Entertainment provide fire performances such as Juggling on a unicycle and spinning fire tricks along with fire eating and breathing. Fire dance acts with poi .


Public Liability is for £2M via First Act
Description of activity
The artistes juggle props such as Juggling Torches, Staffs, Poi, Devil Sticks, Staffs, Fire Eating Wands
which have been dipped in Paraffin and set alight. The Paraffin is transported by the Juggler to the site in the manufacturer's recommended container or metal fuel bottle. A small amount of fuel is poured into a fireproof container (metal, glass, ceramic) called the; dipping container; and the original container resealed. The fuel is then transferred to the juggling prop by dipping the wick of the prop into the dipping container.Excess fuel is removed from the wick by dripping, flicking, and shaking the prop into the dipping container.The artiste then ignites the wick by using a lighter or outdoor candle and burns off any excess fuel on the prop before proceeding to juggle. The equipment is checked before each performance and regularly maintained. Fire Breathing is subject to weather parameters.

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Eric Latimer

61 South Tay Street
City of Dundee

Tel: 01382221235
Mobile: 07934112706
Email: [javascript protected email address]


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