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Stockeld Park

Stockeld Park is the Home of Adventures where "magic is made and adventures begin". A unique and inspirational Children's Attraction


Stockeld Park is an historic agricultural estate set in the beautiful countryside of North Yorkshire. Traditional farming and land management formed the economic basis of the estate for generations, until a diversification into Christmas tree growing led to the birth of the Christmas Adventure and the Estate's first tentative steps into the children's entertainment business.

Originality, imagination and creativity have been the guiding ethos of what has become a truly inspirational place to work and to visit, where nothing stands still for an instant. An Enchanted Forest, a magical interactive Maze, Nordic Skiing, Ice Skating and a determination to give customers a sensational experience have led to Stocked Park truly becoming the place "where magic is made and adventures begin".

Our magical adventure site is now open for visitors during every school holiday, where we host families to enjoy a range of activities and entertainment. Our close down periods are just as busy, with plenty of planning and projects to ensure there is always something new and exciting for our families to enjoy.

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Stockeld Park
    • Stockeld Park


The Adventure Park

Stockeld Park
West Yorkshire
LS22 4AN

Tel: 01937 586333
Email: [javascript protected email address]


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