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New EntsWeb site coming soon

Back in August 2013 I announced that we were building a replacement website for the EntsWeb’s event and entertainment business directory. That project has changed dramatically since then. It’s not just a replacement website anymore, it a whole new online experience.

The original plan was to make the website faster and to get rid of some of the foibles of the current site.  In the end we decided that was just not good enough! Instead we started from scratch and changed everything from the look and functionality of the entertainment directory right down to the data structure. The coding is streamlined the navigation is simplified and despite adding a lot of new features the new site is much speedier that the current one. If you need to search for entertainers, bands and musicians or event and entertainment services you will find the new site a whole lot easier to use.

In June, we hope to do a slow roll out of the new website to EntsWeb members allowing them the first look and a chance to update their profiles to the new format.  The official launch will be sometime after that.

Free listings for entertainment, music and event businesses are a major part of the new site. Although free, these entry level listings are very comprehensive and are a major step up from most directory website offerings.

The new site has just two levels of enhanced listings A1 Gold & A2 Silver. There are some very nice new features to go with these listings and I will be writing to members about how best they can use these to drive business their way.

Here are a few highlights:

> For entertainment agencies and managers there are new super-user accounts being introduced.

> Entertainment job seekers can get instant notification of new jobs and auditions as they are added.

> Visitors seeking entertainment services you will find the new short listing feature indispensable.

> A1 Gold members will benefit from a doubling in size of their listing.

> SEO companies will find the whole site is Google friendly.

Plus: A new Master Class section, an industry news section, a whole new range of banners and slides, an easy to use file uploader, a new text entry system, satellite listings, unified profiles,  superb liquid display for all screen sizes, quick key-facts lists, support for Vimeo, and much more.

Watch this space for progress updates.

In the meantime use our old site at www.entsweb.ltd.uk

Temporarily moved to http://www.entsweb.ltd.uk

A new easier to use and faster version of EntsWeb will appear here early within the next few weeks.
This message is dated 8th May 2014.
In the meantime please go to http://www.entsweb.ltd.uk