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How to Verify a free listing

If you have a free Bronze Listing then once every twelve months, or sometimes longer, you will be sent an email asking you to verify that both your profile page information and your listing is still correct and up to date.  This is done to help control dead links and out of date information. 

NB Failure to verify may mean your listing and profile is automatically deleted from EntsWeb.

To verify, you just need to re-save your listing.

  • Like this:-
  1. Log in to the members area
  2. Select 'Directory Listing' (top left menu) then click the 'Edit Listing' button for your Bronze Listing. Check the details and click the 'Save All' button.
  3. Your free listing is now renewed for another year. 

NB You must click "Save All" even if you make no changes.

This is also a good time to check your profile page is still up to date and that all your contact information is correct. Just select 'Your Profile Page' from the left-hand menu to view and edit it.