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Rental and sale of water curtains. We provide interactive water displays for events. This is eye-catching machine dedicated to exhibitions, stands, events etc.


Rental and sale of water curtains with the water swing! We are polish and the only manufacturer of device which allows you to distinguish from your competitors with dedicated water show.
Fixed installations are intended for shopping centres, museums, aquaparks, theatres etc. Moreover we offer renting the device for exhibitions, shows, company parties, premieres or promotions.
We provide possibility of transforming your own idea into personalized water curtain with a water swing. The device is compatible with DMX consoles so you can synchronize it with the other audiovisual systems.
Water curtains with a water swing are built on (Quadro) truss systems so it is easy to connect them to the already existing constructions.
Additional package for interactive digital water curtain as tablet for drawing, water swing or platform with sensors are compatible with each other to improve interaction with the user of device.

e-mail: contact@wordfall.eu

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