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Eugene Portman on piano

UK based pianist available for weddings, parties and other events. Broad repertoire covereing many genres including: jazz, Latin, pop, rock, classical and even singalong.


I perform as a solo pianist at many weddings, parties, corporate events, birthday parties and many other types of event. My roots lie in jazz and classical, but I cover many other genres including: pop, rock, Latin, blues, ragtime, honky-tonk, swing and singalong.

My diverse repertoire comes in very handy when I play the piano for weddings. It means that I can provide music for every part of your special day. For instance I can play classical music for the ceremony, up-tempo jazz and swing for the drinks reception followed by a selection of rock and pop ballads through the wedding breakfast. This can be followed by music of a more rhythmic nature for the evening.

Apart from my solo work, I can also provide a variety of line-ups. These line-ups range from just a duo (piano and bass or piano and vocals) extending right up to a five piece jazz band consisting of piano, bass, drums, vocals and sax. If you contact me I can help you find an ensemble option that will match both your budget and available space at the venue.

A recent trend has been to hire me as a Cockney singalong pianist and I must say that this is something that I really enjoy. I provide all the song sheets so that all you have to do is provide some good hearty voices. This is good old fashioned entertainment, the way it used to be.

I can also provide lots of extras to help make your event or wedding a success. These include: a quality gazebo for outdoor events, a radio microphone for speeches, the use of a PA system so that you can run your own disco: microphone stands and many other little extras. It goes without out saying that I can provide a digital piano and amplification for venues that don't have a piano. Another option I offer is a baby grand piano shell for all those occasions where a normal digital piano just wouldn't look right.

Whatever your requirements are please contact me and I'll try and help.

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Eugene Portman on piano
    • Eugene Portman on piano



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