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One & Three Year Real Rose Gifts

Lux Florals produce elegant, eclectic and stunning floral gifts using the finest real roses that last a year without water and look and feel just as if they were fresh.


Exquisite luxury roses that last a year and longer, provide a piece of luxury floral design for your exquisite home, your loved ones or your business.
Lux Florals was created to bring you truly exclusive and unique luxury rose arrangements.
We achieve this by using revolutionary natural and eco friendly preservation techniques. the finest luxury roses from sustainable farms in Ecuador are cut at the optimal time, preserved and hand dyed in an array of stunning hues
Our luxury roses, feel and look just as good as their fresh counterparts but our revolutionary preservation technique means you can enjoy them for years.
The epitome of cutting edge luxury.

Our Ecuadorian Roses

Ecuador is located on the equator and provides approximately 13 hours a day of sunlight for roses.
Most of Ecuador’s rose plantations are found in the province of Pichincha in the Andes at an altitude of between 2,800 and 3,000 metres. This has a significant impact on the quality of these blooms. Roses grown at high altitude have a much longer growing cycle than those cultivated at sea level, up to 15 weeks as opposed to eight, so it is perfect for long-stemmed varieties with grand heads.

The cold nights also mean that you get a lot of bicolours, with contrasting hues on the edges and the insides of petals, which are very sought after in luxury markets.

Sustainable Rose Sourcing

The growth of Ecuador’s floriculture industry was kick-started in 1991 by the Andean Trade Preference Act, brought in by the US, to promote legal industries such as flower growing as alternatives to drug trafficking in four Andean countries: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. By the time the programme expired in 2013, the industry was well-established in both Colombia and Ecuador, also aided by preferential trade agreements with the EU.
At a flower show held in Russia recently Ecuadorian Roses received a gold metal for quality, surpassing countries such as the U.S., Holland, Germany, and Columbia.

Our Shopping Experience

Harry Selfridge was one of the first merchants to put goods on display at his stores, so customers could clearly see, examine and touch them. He did it because he was upset by the tradition of small English shops where all the goods were hidden on shelves and you had to ask a shop assistant to show you anything.

I wanted to emulate selfridges' approach and create a true bond between my customers and my brand - in the vast world of e-commerce it can sometimes feel like you are not personally recognised by the businesses you buy from - i want my customers to feel special and appreciated when they buy my products.

the packaging, the print materials, the overall styling and those the little extras are in my opinion all part of the beautiful buying experience so i truly wanted to create a stunning design and an exciting, personal and extraordinary experience for my customers.

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