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Temple African Entertainers

Temple African Entertainers:Its a mult Artistic skilled group comprised of many acrobatic talented African groups all around the world.


We have the best and amazing shows from Africa,our show lasts for 45 minutes,but during in our performances our show can be non stop on stage or in an individual duration,its according your offer what you deserve your venue to be,everything is possible under our performances.Our Motto is put your venue colourful,more attractive,amazing, Our talent are proven performers and have perfected their act. If you get the privilege of watching our performers in action, you will be sure to marvel at the blend between African traditional acrobats and European style arts and circus skill that they have acquired and perfected over the years and which are done in a purely African way. Our shows are high energetic acts, geared to entertain, fast paced to keep you on your feet and full of acrobatic ingenuity. People who have had the opportunity to watch our groups still come for more.

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