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The Team Building Company

The UK's #1 team building company has dozens of team treasure hunts, unique mysteries, and adrenalising live scenarios to help your team develop and bond together.


The Team Building company is a veteran of the events management industry. They specialise in corporate events geared toward team development and bonding. They have dozens of unique scenarios designed to encourage high levels of cooperation and collaboration between a group of individuals.

Some of the scenarios are designed to be intense, heart-pumping experiences. These scenarios include: a fake bank heist, a treasure hunt on the Solent aboard RIB boats, an F1 racing day, and a hostage situation.

Other scenarios are designed to be a little more relaxed and fun. These include: chocolate making, breaking a Guinness World Record, a British bake-off, and a lesson in preparing sushi.

Finally, if you're after more of dressed up corporate evening for your team, the Team Building Company has you covered there as well. We can set up a classy evening with a twist -- a murder mystery, a fake trial, a casino night, or just a simple quiz for your team to compete in.

No matter which you choose, be prepared for a memorable time that you'll never forget!

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    The Team Building Company

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