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The Bug Man - Martin Rapley FRES FBNA -

The Bug Man, Martin Rapley, presents amazing animal encounter science shows and workshops in schools and events. Shows include The Big Bug Experience, The Reptile Show.


Martin Rapley presents amazing science shows in schools and events including corporate events.His unique shows include:The Big Bug Experience - Stick insects, tarantula, scorpions, giant millipedes, hissing cockroaches, praying mantis, leaf insects etc.The Reptiles Show - Green iguana, chameleon, bearded dragon, rat snake, royal python, king snake etc.Animal Variety Show - Arthropods, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, bird.Meet the Arthropods - Shore crabs, woodlice, spiders, scorpions, centipedes, millipedes, insects.Small Mammals Show - Pygmy hedgehog - Grass mouse - Harvest mouse - Spiny mouse - Gerbil - Lemming - Syrian hamster - Pygmy mouse - Fancy mouse.The Rainforest Show - Green iguana - snake - forest scorpion - tarantula - rainforest cockroaches - stick insects - praying mantis and more.Arachnofear - Spider workshop, get close to spiders and other arachnids and hold a house spider.Martin was Education Officer for Essex Wildlife Trust where he worked with schools for 15 years. He left the Trust in 2003 to launch Martin Rapley - Experience Science Live.He presents his shows in primary schools, secondary schools and events throughout England. Schools and events only, not birthday parties.For booking details and available dates visit his website.

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