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Original electronic chiptune/8bit music performed on electric violin. Oldsk00l chiptunes for a Newsk00l generation.


An original Amiga demoscene oldskooler and current video games composer, the name TDK was originally active in the early 90’s writing catchy and melodic chiptunes for the likes of Anthrox, Crystal and Melon Dezign. Having 'retired' from the scene in 1993 I went on to write the music for such games as Wing Commander (Amiga), Duke Nukem Total Meltdown, Populous: The Beginning and Dungeon Keeper 2.

The advent of the CD-Rom format, and therefore music licensing, threatened my role as a composer so I moved into sound design within my favourite video game genre, driving games.

As a self confessed petrol head, working for Codemasters from 2008, I headed up the audio team on the DiRT, Formula 1 and GRID franchises until 2015 I went 'full circle' back to composition and wrote the OST for F1 2015. Since then, I've penned the soundtracks for Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, the Indie game D/Generation HD - which I originally worked on in 1993, and F1 2016. After finishing F1 2017, I started my own audio production company, SONiC FUEL.

Never leaving the chip sound behind, 'TDK' was brought out of retirement at the end of 2012 with the release of my first album, Reawakening, and I've since fused my love of chip with my passion for the electric violin to perform a unique chiptune-violin set at SuperByte 2013, Chipfest, and Nintendoom 3.0.

I'm now back writing in a number of different styles, but perhaps my main love of 70's analog synths may take charge of what I write.

Either way, TDK is back! Flit Kills Moths is back! (until Esso sue for brand copyright).

Key Facts

Member of K-Passa
Public Liability Insurance Yes
Previous CRB/DBS Check
Equipment PAT Certified Yes
Price Guide £200 plus travelling expenses
Band Size 1
Repertoire Description Original chiptune

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Mark Knight

29 Percival Drive

Mobile: +44 (0)7710 435664
Email: [javascript protected email address]


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