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A Look at Market Research

This introduction into Market Research will show you how important good research is. How it can help you to identify your target market and maximize sales and profit.  Read more

Disclosure and Barring Service checks (previously CRB checks)

There seems to be confusion amongst employers of children's entertainers about CRB checks. CRB checks have in fact been discontinued and replaced with Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks.   Read more

Fees an Entertainment Agency can charge

Entertainment and modelling agencies can charge fees for finding someone work but there are rules about who can be charged and when.  Read more

Get free publicity with a press release

Get free publicity with a press release

One of the most effect forms of free advertising is the press or news release. In fact press releases, if properly written and targeted, can be more effective that advertising costing thousands of pounds.  Read more

Choosing and Using a Microphone

Choosing and Using a Microphone

In this article we look at how a mic works, the microphone types available, what to look for in a microphone and basic microphone technique.  Read more

Looking after your voice

In this article I'm looking at what your voice is, how to protect it and what to do if (or should I say when) you fall victim to a sore throat, hoarseness or loss of voice.  Read more