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Transformer by Lou Reed and Mick Rock

In 2013, Lou Reed, rock icon, artist and poet, collaborated with legendary photographer Mick Rock in one of the most visually exciting books Genesis ever produced. Now, with the cooperation of Mick Rock and the Lou Reed Estate, this limited edition is available again.

Limited edition book Transformer

Genesis is delighted to bring this book to readers once more. This new re-launch of Transformer celebrates the 45th anniversary of the album, and comes with a new booklet containing 50 unseen photos of Lou Reed, as well as a loose leaf handwritten lyric sheet reproduced in facsimile.

Forty-five years ago, Transformer launched Lou Reed from the underground, way up to Mars, with a little help from Starman Bowie. Mick Rock was there to capture Reed's flight on film, beginning with the iconic album cover and continuing through the wild side of the Seventies.

Mick Rock: 'I'm happy our relationship weathered the outrageous antics of the past 40 years, enabling us to come together to produce such a beautiful tome.'  

Lou Reed: ‘When I saw the book, I was just overwhelmed by how beautiful it is. It brought back all that energy and all that virility, captured over that period of time. The book is like an energy bomb. And it’s beautiful.’

Charting the transformations of Lou Reed from 1972 to 1980, Transformer presents never-before-seen imagery of Lou Reed by photographer Mick Rock. This book captures Lou in the studio, performing onstage, in his hotel room, and with friends including David Bowie, Nico, Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop and Andy Warhol.

Lou and Mick discussed the photographs and their friendship in a completely original, no-holds-barred dialogue. Lou Reed told the truth behind the sartorial gestures, innovative stage set-ups, subversive acts and legendary albums that made him one of the most intriguing artists in modern music. 

Their collaboration is showcased in a 11.5" x 15.5" large format volume, traditionally craftsman-bound by hand. Lou and Mick's Transformer image is recreated on the cover, with a variety of foil detailing and gilt page edging. The book is presented in a slipcase and will include an exclusive 7” picture disc of the Lou Reed classics ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ and ‘Coney Island Baby’, as well as a commemorative booklet, new for 2017, containing 50 more rare photos, and a facsimile lyric sheet.

Lou’s originality and creativity has inspired one of the most iconic volumes that Genesis has ever made. Each of the 2,000 numbered copies in the limited edition has been signed by both Mick Rock and stamped by the Lou Reed estate.

Available to order, priced £295, now via www.transformerbook.com. Ships autumn 2017