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Massive Price Drop

Our Recent Survey Said...

After running the survey and taking into consideration all the feedback we have received over the past couple of years, we took the decision to reduce our pricing.

The survey results said that most people would be happy to pay about £1 per month for the service. The transaction cost of taking £1 per customer each month would have cost us a couple of quid or so over the course of a year, so we felt that an annual fee of £9.99 would be cheaper for our customers and less paperwork for us.

We considered creating a Bronze+ package but there didn't seem any point really. So we simply reduced the silver package to £9.99.

We Listened

We took on board comments that having to purchase a gold package to place job posts was prohibitive for some customers. There are a number of customers who only need to post a small number of jobs each year, and £90 was too much. The larger companies can easily afford this, but we want to be as inclusive as possible and felt that £29.99 would be more acceptable across the board.

To make things fair, all our current paying customers have been given equivalent upgrades and/or extra listing duration.

Driving More Business

We currently get around 10,000 unique visitors per month, but we want to drive more traffic to our website.

A lot more.

1 million to be precise.

With that volume of traffic, our paying customers will see real value in being on EntsWeb. We had some comments that businesses were not really getting many enquiries from our platform, so our answer is, in part, to drive more traffic by reducing the price to encourage more take-up.

How Good Is That?

So there we have it. We have reduced the price and will drive more business to you. How good is that?