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Killer Thrillers - Murder Mysteries

A couple of years ago, event management company Gold Star Events, set-up a sister company to cater for one their most commonly requested products - murder mysteries. Two years on, with enquiries and bookings not showing any sign of slowing down, Killer Thrillers have initiated a recruitment drive for more professional performers and brand advocates.

Events Director for Killer Thrillers - aptly code-named 'M' - said, 'We are delighted with the response to our advertisement on the entertainment website, 'EntsWeb', for professional performers to deliver our fun and fully inclusive murder mysteries. We will continue to ensure that, as the number of bookings grow, we will supply every UK client with only the best professional performers.'   

Killer Thrillers are certainly gaining momentum across the UK for their professional murder mysteries - key to this growth has been the efforts of their brand advocates. Speaking highly of the current brand advocates and praising them for the impact they have had, 'M' clarified that,  'Brand advocates are becoming a vital part of making our product more visible, and we cannot thank our current brand advocates enough for the enthusiasm they have shown for wanting to see Killer Thrillers succeed.' 

If you are interested in finding out more about Killer Thrillers, or becoming involved as a performer or brand advocate, please check out the advertised positions on the 'EntsWeb' site. Alternatively, please visit the website for Killer Thrillers: www.killerthrillers.co.uk or email Q: Q@killerthrillers.co.uk

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