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Everybody's Talking About Musicals

Show: Everybody’s Talking About Musicals Event: Liverpool Theatre Festival 2021 Location: Bombed Out Church, Liverpool Date: Saturday September 4 2021 Time: 18.00 Running Time: 75 Minutes Age Rating: 10+ Performers: Marcus Collins, Chloe Taylor, Craig Ryder & Gillian Hardie Production Companies: Pearson Theatre Productions & Curtis Productions This is our theatre review for Everybody’s Talking About Musicals at Liverpool‘s Bombed Out Church. Now, this is the fIFth show of Liverpool Theatre Festival 2021. So, let’s take a look at Everybody’s Talking About Musicals! Everybody’s Talking About Musicals Background Pearson Theatre Productions and Curtis Productions come together for the very first time. So, they deliver a truly wonderful evening of musical theatre entertainment. Now, this provides some fantastic stars from major West End shows. These include SIX The Musical, & Juliet, Kinky Boots and Mamma Mia. There’s also some top-level local theatre stars and future talent from Liverpool Theatre School. All of those within the show can’t wait for this performance which will be vibrant and electrifying. Furthermore, we might even get to do the Time Warp (again)! Analysis The show is a treat from start to finish, with the four singers being a primary reason. Indeed, each of the vocalists have very powerful and confident voices that allow them to display their range of talents. So, the show features Marcus Collins, Gillian Hardie, Craig Ryder and Chloe Taylor. And all of them have their moments to shine under the night sky at the Bombed Out Church. Furthermore, the show has incredible dancers in Annie Winstanley, Laykin McPortland, James Wilson and Stephen Connor. The additional support of dancing graduates from Liverpool Central Studio is also a highlight of the production. So onto the soundtrack, as this has plenty of recognisable numbers. Amongst the shows that the songs come from are Wicked, Bat Out Of Hell, We Will Rock You and Mary Poppins. Each musical number features a very energetic and enthusiastic performance from the dancers. In particular, Marcus Collins gives a very sassy performance from Kinky Boots. Meanwhile, Chloe and Gillian would deliver great performances of tunes from Mamma Mia! and The Greatest Showman. On a personal note, I was moved to tears by I Had The Time Of My Life, with a brilliant dancing performance from Annie and James; this would, of course, include the iconic lift from Dirty Dancing. There was also a fabulous duet from Gillian and Chloe singing Tell Me It’s Not True from Blood Brothers. And we would finish with The Time Warp, with the audience joining in with this catchy routine. Summary If you love your modern musicals, then this is the show for you. Furthermore, I believe the majority of the artists would only have two days of rehearsal. All of which makes this even more impressive. So, this show was totally amazing, and the audience would love it with vigorous clapping and cheering throughout. Everybody’s Talking About Musicals Notes Target Audience: 10+ Content: Mild Sex References Recommendation?: Yes Overall Rating: 10/10 – Excellent
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