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Commemorate David Bowie’s Anniversary with Tribute Newspaper Book

Today marks the one year anniversary since the death of musical legend, David Bowie. Celebrating the life and career of the late David Bowie in a unique and personal way, the Personalised David Bowie Life Book is an ideal piece of memorabilia.

Personalised David Bowie Life Book

Presented in a beautiful hand-bound hardcover, the contents focuses heavily on picture-led news reports and statement headlines, with each printed page reproduced from an original, genuine newspaper article. The book highlights key life and career moments through reports documented over the past 43 years.

The newspaper book is presented in a black leather design and features intricate gold embossing on the front cover, with articles appearing in both black and white, and colour (from 2007). The reproduced news reports have been printed on to premium paper to ensure the original print quality remains as intact as possible. The front cover can also be embossed with a name, making it the perfect keepsake for any fan.

The book is available on http://www.historic-newspapers.co.uk/ now, retailing at £69.99.

Kevin Sears, Ecommerce director at Historic-Newspapers.co.uk, said: “We want this book to pay tribute to the unforgettable and extraordinary life of David Bowie. We hope the iconic photographs and press stories help to bring past memories to life for any fan.”